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paaater in action

Win or Learn is created by paaater, a second generation bboy from the Netherlands. Dancing since 1997, he is already active for 20 years and counting. During his many battles and trips he realized that there is no such thing as loosing. You either Win or you Learn.


Win or Learn is run by people with love for all sports and activities that include some kind of test of skill to determine your true value. We encourage everybody to test their skills every once in a while. Because really, Experience Builds Character!

To show support for the movement, we offer Tshirts with our logo and other dope visuals. We create these shirts ourselves and every item is (screen)printed by hand. We make sure our shirts are honest. The ‘cheaper’ shirts are regular shirts, the more expensive ones are shirts for athletes and ensure great breathability and quality.


First and foremost we want to spread a positive message to everyone out there. In the current day and age people that stick to a certain discipline are becoming more and more an endangered species. Normal people tend to want a lot of good skills in a short amount of time. That is not the way things work. You have to work hard to become good at something, and you got to start with the basics and work your way up. In the meantime you have to compete. Win or Learn, Never Loose Heart!